Common Headshot Mistakes

Man made a mistakeWe live in a very technologically driven world. When people want to know about something or someone, what is the first thing they do? They go online. When they want to find out about a product or service, they Google it. When they want to find out more about a person, they’re heading to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Linked-In. Online appearance is extremely important. Many people make their decision while researching online. Whether you are searching for your dream job, vying for a promotion or hoping to appeal to prospective clients, your headshot should communicate that you care enough about your appearance and your profession to invest in it.

Common Headshot Mistakes

Your Smile Is Not Genuine – Your smile is your most important business tool. A professional photographer’s job is to bring out the best smile in every single person.

Unflattering Pose – We all have insecurities about our appearance and the last thing we want is for our perceived flaws to be accentuated. A professional photographer will be able to choose the appropriate lens, lighting and angles to minimize distracting features and make you look your best.

Attire – Your choice of wardrobe is important. Try to keep your looks simple and not too distracting. Avoid large bold stripes or logos that take attention away from you. Textures are great because they add a certain depth. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum unless the look is very specific.

At Capitol Photo Headshots we know how to connect with our clients and have extensive knowledge of lighting, angles, and composition to provide you with the perfect headshot that will set you apart from the rest. Remember a first impression is based on your appearance!

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