Make an Impact With Your Online Presence

Self employed woman or student working in a restaurantWhen running your own business, it is essential that you create a powerful online presence that makes a lasting impact on your audience. Potential clients are more likely to reach out and connect with you. You may not have a website, but there are now many online platforms where you can market yourself for little to no cost. Many even provide the same results you would get from a dedicated website. There is absolutely no reason to not have an online presence in today’s marketplace. So here are simple ways to create an impactful online presence.

• Professional Headshot
A professional headshot shows the face behind your business. A professional photo can be integrated into your entire brand and indicates the level at which you conduct business. Professional photographers can capture your personality and use the best angle and lighting to enhance all of your online profiles.

• Tell Your Story
Take the time to show others who you are and the skills you offer. Include details about your experience, languages, certifications, and any other credentials that give potential clients a reason to connect with you.

• Online Portfolio
Having visual content and documents to support your skills and expertise speaks volumes about your brand and gives you a marketing boost. Use high quality photos in your portfolio that relate to your brand, skills and business.

• Testimonials
Testimonials strengthen your credibility, expertise, and trust. They represent the relationships you have developed with satisfied clients. Testimonials are at the heart of your online reputation.

• Links To Articles And Blog Posts
You can enhance your online profile by including links to articles and blog posts you have written that are relevant to your brand. Published content can further establish your authority in eyes of new and existing clients.

• Brand Consistency
By making your online presence consistent throughout different channels, you reinforce your identity, build trust and create a positive representation of yourself. Make sure you have consistency in the logos, images, colors, and messages across all of your online channels.

• Keep Your Online Presence Updated
Make a list of the different channels you use to market your business. You will want to review them regularly to make sure they are current with respect to contact information, credentials, and other important profile details. Your online presence will be the representation you need for making a real impact in the value you bring to your clients and industry.

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