Black and White vs Color Photography

black-&-whiteMost people think of corporate headshots and business portraits in terms of full color. It is true that color portraits convey a richness and drama that grayscale images may not accomplish. But more and more companies are choosing to use black and white images on their websites.

What Are The Benefits Of Color Photography?
Color photography can be very useful, whether published in print or online. Color catches the eye. It is considered more appealing and attractive by many people than black and white. Color can convey the message of your story, webpage or headshot better, as well. If you are showing pictures of your new office or your new product, it would make sense to exhibit them in all their real, colorful existence. Color headshots seem to be the standard but there is still a need for a great black and white headshot.

What Are The Benefits Of Black And White Photography?
Black and white photography can and does have its place in photography settings. Black and white photos show off the texture and contrasts, lights and darks of the subject much more clearly than color images ever can. So, if you want to show these aspects more than the subject itself, black and white is your answer. Black and white, and sepia-toned photography too, can appear more timeless, more classic.

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Ultimately, it is the message you wish your final product, brochure or website that will determine whether to use color photos, black and white images, or a mixture of both. At Capitol Photo Headshots we may also have some suggestions as to what type of image to produce for each scenario or setting. Whether you choose color or black and white, it does not have to be boring. Contact Capitol Photo Headshots today 203-255-4002.

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