Creative Ways to Use Your Business Headshots

professional-headshotWhen it comes to investing in your business, nothing compares to the brand longevity and reach that professional photography can bring. Your business headshot can be one of your most effective marketing assets, especially when you are building a personal brand. Below are seven ways you can use your business headshot.

Website And Social Media
This is the first place to start to build your online presence. Use your images on your about page, timeline covers and profile pictures. Show people what it is like to work with you. You can create a feeling and mood with your images and attract the right people to your brand.

Email Signature
When you use email to talk with your clients, remind them of your brand with a nice image of you in the signature and or in the header of your email.

Water Bottle Labels And Coffee Cup Sleeves
Take advantage of leaving your client with a visual of your brand by handing them bottled water or coffee with your headshot.

Video Intros
Your Vlog, YouTube or Vimeo you can create an opening graphic, title page, section breaks, and end page that has your image, business name, and website and social accounts.

Program Worksheets
Another opportunity to get build your personal brand is to include your headshot in your program worksheets.

Branded Freebies
Customized goodies that you can leave with your clients. Key chains, note-pads, journals or booklets.

Custom Cards
You can use your business headshot on notes, thank you cards, congratulation, etc.

Contact Us
Help strengthen your brand by giving your customers a face to the name. Your business headshots can be used across a variety of platforms, establishing a brand that people will be familiar with and trust. In this digital age, there are even more opportunities to use your headshot. Contact Capitol Photo Headshots today at 203-255-4002.

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