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Close up photo portrait of excited cheerful bristle unshaven stuPeople enjoy portrait-taking. A portrait is captured the subject’s image, in this case, an individual, especially their face. However, portrait photography has a broader connotation than this, being interpreted as an image of superior quality, capturing the physical appearance of the object, its character on the sensor of a digital camera or film camera. It is also understood that portrait photography produces pleasing and attractive results for the person being the subject. 

The Discovery of character is the objective of portrait photography. You must display at least one aspect of the subject in the picture. Elements can include attitude, temperament, unusual mannerisms, and any other attributes or characteristics that form the person’s very unique nature. The portrait image tells the viewer something indicative of the individuality of the subject. This is also when a spectator expresses agreement that the photographer has really captured the imagination of the subject, in which it can be considered their exact physical resemblance. What one is actively thinking about them, however, is that the photograph shows something quite noticeable about the subject ‘s character. Portrait photography, therefore, is not mere capturing of the image likeness, but arresting the true character deeply formed in the subject; a task that can be challenging as photographers as they may never have known the subject before.

So, how do you catch the features of characters?
Each person has unique features, attributes, attitudes, and characteristics. Not all people are the same though when it comes to expressing them. There are only a few who can transmit their individual character or attribute easily with absolute transparency. Others, on the other side, have trouble doing the same.

To portrait a photographer, dealing with the former type would be easier. But it will take more effort and experience for the latter to learn the true essence of the subject otherwise it will be difficult to translate this essence into the portrait.

Having said that portrait photography is not just about taking shots, it involves observing one ‘s character, such as looking for signs showing the mannerisms, gestures, body language, and even reactions of the subject. This will take a lot of knowledge and understanding for the photographer to do that but this is needed to show the subject’s true character. Engaging them in conversation is one way of doing it. 

Finding a common ground for a subject can begin the study of the likeness of a person. It can be any subject, as long as it co-operates and opens up. Creating a relationship is another important way to do it, too. It makes the subject more relaxed in your presence easily, and thus makes them look more natural when you start taking photos of them.

When do you start taking pictures?

When you find the topic comfortable and confident, you can start straight away. The stress to build on the topic will start right away, thereby making it difficult for them to be at ease or to calm down just yet. They look relaxed in the pictures but they can also result in a portrait that lacks the true nature of the subject. It is never a good idea to rush portrait photography. And unless you know the subject very well and are already working comfortably with you, you can get started immediately. In the case of portrait photography, it works best before executing any shots by using your best judgment.

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