Corporate Services

Services you can find at Capitol PhotoInteractive are the very thing your business needs to stay above your competition, you need to have a comprehensive brand. Capitol PhotoInteractive can work with you to create a total business marketing image that will appeal to today’s busy consumers.

We offer several multimedia services that can assist you in building a memorable company image that garners you, new customers. We have years of experience working with all types of business clients. Contact us today to discuss taking your company to the next level of success.

Branding: Your business needs a strong identity to compete in today’s marketplace. This requires the creative use of imagery and power-packed words. We can design a logo that truly captures the essence of your business. Once the logo is completed, you can feature it on business cards, letterhead and your website. To start the process we will discuss your goals and desires with you in detail. We will then conceptualize a strong brand image that fits your business perfectly.

Web Design: Your business needs a unique presence online in order to attract new customers. What makes our web design stand out from others is that we do not do cookie-cutter sites. We approach web design by carefully looking at your business and coming up with an original concept that makes you special. When someone visits your site you want to immediately draw in their interest and get them excited about your business. We design websites for our clients that are modern, informative and of very high quality.

Social Media Marketing: Your target customers are already using social media and that is where you need to be as well. We will help to get you set up and operating smoothly on such popular sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We set up your social media accounts and make sure they are integrated smoothly into a thorough online marketing strategy.

Video Marketing: One of the strongest online tools that your business can utilize is video. We specialize in creating business videos that allow you to spread your message with visual impact. A business video can take many forms depending on how you wish to present the information. We do live presentations, short, catchy informational spots, and entertaining tutorials. We are more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you for any type of company video.

Passport Photos: With new laws requiring a passport for travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, now is the time to be sure your passport is up to date. You can have your passport picture taken at the same time you schedule a sitting for your headshot or a group shot.

Transfers from VHS, Digital 8mm and Slides to DVD: Your priceless family memories are in good hands! For years we have been working with local clients, customers and friends to help them keep their memories safe during the transfer of your home movies to DVD. Your home movies will be cared for, every step of the way. We also stand behind the quality produced by our cutting edge technologies. Preserve your treasured memories for generations! Call today to discuss how we can help you. All video transfers remain in the studio.

Restoration: Digital photo restoration uses a variety of image editing techniques to remove visible damage and aging effects from photographs. Dirt, scratches, and other signs of photographic age are removed from the photograph manually, by painting over them. Unwanted color casts are removed and the image’s contrast or sharpening may be altered in an attempt to restore some of the contrast range or detail that is believed to be in the original image.