Family Photography

How often have you wished you could stop time, pausing to savor your growing, changing family? Capture your family as it is right now or marks important milestones in your children’s lives with portrait photography. Let our professional photographers help you create images that capture your family members’ personalities and document important family events.

A bright, white background creates a high energy, happy, and distraction-free scene, perfect for pictures of your friends and family. Known as high key photography, this technique instantly cures problems with ugly backgrounds and focuses the viewer’s attention on your subject.

Besides being popular for portrait photographers, it’s a more modern choice, rather than traditional (ie., painted muslin).

With over 30 years of experience, Capitol PhotoInteractive combines classic portraiture techniques with cutting edge technology. To accommodate your busy schedule, family portraits can be taken in the studio or on location.

Capitol PhotoInteractive offers clients custom mounting and framing for your family portraits.