Business/LinkedIn Headshots

Behind every successful business are motivated individuals who want to deliver the best service and offer the best product.  At Capitol PhotoInteractive, we understand this and know how to capture the best you.

Capitol PhotoInteractive makes taking headshots easy. Have you or your team’s photos taken on location or in the studio. Choose from a number of backgrounds that best compliment you and your business.

We love technology and with the quality and flexibility of digital photography, we are able to retouch any photo so you can look the way you want the world to see you.

Photox = Photoshop + Botox. We give your portrait photos a virtual makeover by using high-end retouching tools. We can remove your wrinkles, airbrush out dark circles, tighten up your chin, whiten your teeth, balance your skin tone, and more. Let us help you show the world what you look like at your best.

LinkedIn is one of the best ways on the internet to promote yourself as a professional. Your LinkedIn page is like your very own personal online portal where you can list your achievements and accomplishments and details about your job experience and skills. This information is shared with everyone who you relate to, as well as other professionals, headhunters, CEOs and recruiters who might be looking for someone like you and stumble upon your profile. LinkedIn is also regarded as the second-best way to get a job nowadays, second only to employee referrals. It is imperative that you know how to communicate your value to like-minded professionals and employers and it all starts with your picture.

We all know, a first impression is a lasting impression. Your photo is a very important part of your LinkedIn profile for several reasons. When you meet a LinkedIn contact in person for the first time, they will be able to recognize you because of your photo.

Incorporating a quality photo into your LinkedIn profile will help you make the right impression and maximize the number of people who view your profile. Here are a few tips to make sure your LinkedIn photo is picture-perfect:
• Hire a professional photographer
• Make sure you are the only subject in the photo
• Wear appropriate professional or business casual attire
• Keep your head straight and upright
• Use a pleasant facial expression
• Do not use your company’s product logo as a photo

Remember employers use your profile to see if you look like someone who could represent their organization. You communicate how much you care about your profile, image, and reputation by how you present yourself in your profile picture. If you do not take your picture seriously, an employer would be hard-pressed to believe you would take their business seriously.

Please visit our new website  Capitol Photo Headshots, our job is to tell your story. We don’t just take headshots, snap pictures at events and shoot commercial and industrial photographs; we capture the spirit of an event, person or organization and create memorable images that say the right words.  We use our skills and creativity so that you can make the most of those thousand words that every image communicates.

If you’re ready to show the world who you are through photography, a professional website, a new logo or a social media page, Capitol Photo Headshots is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services 203.255.4002.