Corporate / Business Photography

What is the most important component of a good marketing strategy no matter if your business is a solo start-up or a Fortune 100? Great headshots! Prospective clients want to see the president, your sales team and other key staff.

That is why so many Fairfield County businesspeople turn to Capitol PhotoInteractive.

Digital photography maximizes attributes that are important in any business:

  • Quality comes from the ability to retouch any photo so you look the way you want the world to see you. And, digital imagines stay sharp for years to come, no matter how large or small the picture.
  • Flexibility comes with being able to add and subtract people or products from group shots so your business is always up-to-date.
  • Speed and cost effective. You can view the images from our computer during a photo shoot to be sure we have captured just what you want.

Public Relations
Use the same picture on your business card, advertising campaign, sales sheets, annual report, desk photo and billboard to maximize branding.

Your time is valuable. We take a dozen headshots in about 30 minutes at our state-of-the-art studio in the heart of downtown Fairfield, where we also provide ample free parking.

For your convenience, we can bring our studio to your office. From lights to a laptop computer so you can view your images immediately, we work to get professional results in any location.

Retouching is included in our headshots. Scroll over the picture to the right to see the blemishes and wrinkles fade away!

If you are not satisfied with the first round of images, we can shoot another round of photos until you are satisfied with the results. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business.

We can email your image or burn it to a CD.

Group Shots
Whether it’s updating a group shot of your sales team or changing your product line, we can keep your image current. We have the professional technology to add or subtract people and products in your original photo.

This is a great way to introduce new staff to your professional practice in medicine, law, accounting, real estate, financial services, etc.

Scroll your mouse over the picture to the right and see how seamlessly we can add to your group!

Corporate Events
Corporate events need not become distant memories – instead, maximize the value of your event with professional, on-site photography.

Use it for Public Relations or send along professional photographs of your top clients or employees having a good time at your event-it is a highly appreciated way of saying Thank You twice, once at the event and again in a beautifully framed memento.

Need a catalogue, brochure or sell sheet? Maybe you want to sell something on E-bay or perhaps your own website.

It takes a professional photographer to arrange the proper backdrop, setting and lighting to avoid issues like glare and reflection and to capture your product at it’s most appealing display.

Capitol PhotoInteractive’s photographers are experts at product photography.

Real Estate
Professional photography can make all the difference when trying to attract potential buyers to view your property. The quality of images used will reflect the quality of the property no matter how good the accompanying wording is.

All Occasion Photo Cards
Let us take a picture of your business group or facility then turn it into a beautiful quality card on fine art paper of your choice. Personalize it with your own message, and choose the style, font-type and colors.

Great way to announce a new associate, new address or just say Happy New Year.