Friendly and Fun Pet Portraits

Taking photographs of pets can sometimes be a bit difficult. But with a few simple tricks and camera settings to keep in mind, it is not impossible to capture amazing, professional photos of these important family members.

Photographing pets in places where they feel comfortable produces the best images. At Capitol Photo Interactive, we work with all ages, breeds and obedience levels in our studio and can travel to your location upon request. We will create a beautiful piece of art for you to always remember your special fur friend.

When working on pet portraits it is important for us to learn more about you and your furry family member. We want to ensure that we capture the essence and personality of your pet through amazingly real pictures. Our focus is to catch every fleeting, unexpected candid moment for you to have and enjoy forever. We get in tune with each individual dog, and create a portrait that truly shows your dog’s unique personality. We create emotional portraits that speak to you. Whether your beloved pet is a shelter rescue or a pampered Best of Show, he or she deserves to be professionally photographed. When you look at your beautiful portraits hanging in your home, you will see an expression of your dog’s soul.

At Capitol Photo Interactive, one of our specialties is creating sensitive, truly meaningful photographs of your dog. We understand that people have a very special bond with their pets and that they are more than just pets, they are your family! Pet portraits can be either your pet alone or with you or both. To schedule a session contact us today at 203-255-4002.

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