Look Your Best in Your Business Headshot

Business headshots are a great way to make yourself look more professional in your career. Hiring a business headshot photographer to photograph you in their studio or to come to your workplace will give you an edge in the business world.

Important details go into getting a professional headshot taken such as clothes to wear, makeup, background, hairstyles, and more. Below are some ideas you can check out on how you would like to look in your photoshoot.

Wear Appropriate Clothing
Think about the look you are trying to convey to people who are going to see your business photo. You can dress up for your headshot like you would for a day at the office, but wearing a shirt or a suit is common for men who do not normally wear one at work.

You do not have to worry about your pants and shoes if you are planning to get only the top half of your body photographed but if you are having a full body portrait taken then your entire outfit you choose to wear, including shoes is important.

For women, some helpful tips would be to brush your hair right before your shoot or bring a brush with you. Having your hair styled the day of the shoot is another great option.

For men, try styling your hair with some styling putty or gel. Shape your beard with a razor, if you have a beard or comb it through.

Wearing makeup can help you look your best for the shoot and minimize the amount of editing the photographer does afterwards, but wearing any is completely up to you. If you did not get much sleep the night before, makeup can be helpful if you have any bags under your eyes and help to cover small details like blemishes or crow’s feet.

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Consider the tips above prior to getting your business headshot taken and you will be much happier with the photos. To schedule your business headshot session, contact Capitol Photo Interactive today at 203-255-4002.

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