Having The Nature Of Your Headshot With Perfect Background

headshotThe most important thing to consider when getting a great professional headshot is to capture your authentic brand. That is our focus in every headshot session we do. We work with you individually to fully understand your brand and convey it in your final images.

Choosing the right background for photography adds depth to your photos and makes a big impact on the overall professionalism of your shoot. At Capitol Photo Headshots we offer several selections and work with you to pick the right background.

A black background may seem very neutral but in fact says a lot about the person in the photograph. This color can lend an air of mystery and elegance. Lighting will be important to ensure that hair color does not disappear into the background and that clothing will pop against the darkness.

A grey will actually be more neutral than black and draw the eye to the portrait subject. At the other end of the scale, red is a color that does not hide. Think of how it can warm a subject dressed all in white or bring fire to rosy cheeks. A strong color choice can reflect the personality or character of the portrait subject, expressing energy and vibrancy.

Again, a portrait is about light and colors like blue can make blue eyes bluer. It is difficult to say how a particular color will impact a picture because the photographer’s skill with lighting equipment and his or her camera can make a very big difference.

Remember your background style, texture and tone will communicate loudly about you and your brand. It should contribute rather than detract from the message you would like to communicate.

Learn what color can do for your portrait. Call Capitol Photo Headshots today at 203-255-4002.

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