How To Have A Great Family Photo?

Family PhotoTaking a family photo can be a little bit stressful. Getting all of the family members together, dressed nicely, and looking happy can be a chore, especially if you have small children. Even though it may not always be easy, you take your family pictures every year because you know it is worth it to document those special and candid moments. Below are some helpful tips to make your next family photo less stressful.

Choose The Right Location
You do not need to have a glamorous location to get a great family photo. A great family photo can be shot anywhere, even at home. When thinking about location, think about the activities you do as a family.

Timing Is Everything
When working with small children, the time of day can make all the difference. If your kids normally take naps at 2pm, schedule the photoshoot for later in the day so they will be well rested and ready to go. If you work around their schedules, everyone will be less stressed.

Let Kids Be Kids
One of the keys to getting a great photo is having fun. Sometimes things might get a little chaotic, but if you want that genuine smile, play and be silly. Those candid photos are often the best because it shows off everyone’s personalities.

Remember Why You Are There
When you do a family session, do not forget the main reason why you are taking the photos. To show the love and relationships between everyone in the family. Though a family is one unit, it is also made up individuals who each have a unique relationship with the other people there.

When it comes to family photos, it is all about doing what will make your family most comfortable and relaxed. Schedule your photo session around your children’s schedules, involve activities you enjoy doing as a family to get the perfect location, and have fun with it! If you are looking to take family photos, contact Capitol Photo Headshots today at 203-255-4002.

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