What Story Does Your Headshot Tell?

headshotA professional headshot is critical to your brand. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression when a potential client lands on your website or LinkedIn page. Facial recognition is wired deeply inside every human mind. Therefore, it is very much to your advantage to provide a headshot that people can identify with and remember you by. In today’s competitive market, your photograph should articulate your line of business and also define your personal and professional brand.

The headshot is your first impression. From your headshot, people will ask themselves:
• Is this someone I can do business with?
• How much experience does this person have?
• Do I want to hire or work with this person?
• Can I trust this person?

Hiring a professional photographer who has experience photographing headshots is incredibly important because they will take all of these elements into consideration. They will not apply the same technique to every client they come across, the photographer will make choices depending on your personal headshot needs.

With one look at your photo, clients often decide if they can trust you, if they feel like you can understand them, or in some cases, if they even like you. Too often professionals do not consider the image they portray in their photos, and it can cost them clients without even realizing it.

In order to make sure your headshot is delivering the message you want it to, here are three questions to consider before getting your headshot done.
• Who is your client or audience?
• Does the photo make sense for the people you work with and the work that you do?
• What message are you trying to convey?

Whether you are looking for a new LinkedIn photo, a corporate headshot, or a new bio photo, Capitol Photo Headshots offers a personalized photo shoot experience with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that draws out your best, natural expressions. Contact us today at 203-255-4002.

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