Creative Corporate Portraits

When we hear corporate photography most of us think of a white background, studio lighting, plain dark suit and a serious expression. That is the old way people did corporate photography. But a business portrait does not have to be dull or boring anymore. Just because you are in a professional job, such as real estate, insurance or law, does not mean you have to look professional in a boring, corporate sense. Corporate culture is changing and individuals want to do business that they feel comfortable with. There are easy ways to make sure that the face of your business matches your corporate portrait.

How To Keep Corporate Shots Engaging

Color – Traditionally when we think of corporate photos we think of gray, black and white. By adding some pops of color it is easy to create eye catching portraits while still remaining professional.

Location – Be creative with the location you choose. If a particular staff member is always out in the field perhaps their headshot would look best in a natural setting. Or, if they always work downtown in a modern office, then modern clean backgrounds would make more sense.

Personality – It is always natural for people to clam up when they are forced to take photos. Hiring an experienced portrait photographer can make people feel at ease quickly, especially when you have a long session day scheduled for your entire team.

Variety – Not all staff photographs must be taken in the very same spot with a similar foundation. Truth be told, a little assortment keeps it intriguing. Do not be reluctant to move around and switch it up.

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