Headshots and Personal Branding

2016-08-15-1471290908-6091875-aaeaaqaaaaaaaav9aaaajdzln2e4yjviltkzm2utndvkny1hnmq2lti4odqwotqyntg1zgWhether you are taking a call on Skype, creating a LinkedIn profile, networking on Facebook, or putting your best face forward on your own website, your online brand is often people’s first contact with you. A professional image, that represents you authentically, is more important than ever. So hiring the right photographer is crucial, as well as having a plan for how you are going to tell your story visually. The next time you are preparing to have new headshots taken, here are some things to keep in mind.

Find The Right Photographer
Your headshots should be taken in the same style as the rest of your brand. Whether your brand is playful and colorful, or minimal, serious, and stark, you should take the time to find a photographer who can shoot in this style. Take the time to go through each photographer’s online portfolio carefully, and take note. Does their work really shine mostly working with natural light or in-studio? Are they able to capture motion well? Do they make use of the subject’s surroundings and incorporate them into the magic of the photos, or are their photos more one-dimensional?

Choose Attire That Fits Your Brand
One easy way to connect the dots between your business headshots and your brand is what you wear. For some brands, it is the style of your clothing. Corporate, casual, or wild and crazy.

Consider Appropriate Props
If you are shooting in studio or even on location somewhere, consider bringing in elements that will help tell your brand story visually in your photos.

Location, Location, Location
If you value nature or freedom, an outdoor setting might appeal to you. If you value hard work and diligence, an office setting might resonate. A city street could reflect energy or youthfulness.

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