Choosing the Perfect Event Photographer

You can host the best event of the year but if you do not have the pictures to prove it, how will anyone ever know? Event photography is one way to ensure that every moment of your special event is documented. Quality photos can capture the success of an event. Event photos can also be used in documents to show the success of your event to attendees and potential sponsors for next year. Below we have listed a few helpful tips on selecting the perfect event photographer to document your special event.


What Is Your Budget?

Fees can be a maker or breaker when choosing an event photographer. Knowing the budget set for photography by your event planners is crucial when beginning your research. Event photographers offer different levels of photography packages and pricing for additional services.

Do Your Research?

Liking the work of your photographer is key. Do your research to make sure the photographer has experience with a similar environment.


Be InThe Picture

An important question to ask your photographer is if they take names of those in the photos. If not, you might want to designate a publicist to accompany the photographer and capture the names of those that are being photographed. This process will ensure there are no misspellings of names and make it easier to submit the photos to the media. At the beginning of your event, make a list of any must-have shots of the guests or venue and point them out to the photographer.


Turnaround Time

Be sure to have a set date with your photographer of when you will receive photos from your event. Your event photographer will need time for editing and ask how photos will be received.


Contact Us Today

After you have chosen your event photographer,sit back, relax and enjoy your event. For more information, contact Capitol Photo Interactive today at 203-255-4002.

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