When Do You Need To Update Your Headshot?

Friendly smiling manWith snapshot of yourself, your popularity for people on the Internet is greatly increased. It makes it innately safer and more trustworthy to link to. Hopefully, if you’re involved in social media, the numbers are accompanied by video, rather than logo. People interact more often with photography profile than with brand. It makes the company customized. It reassures them not just another faceless business, but they are doing business with human. trustworthy and present headshot can help your potential customers, clients and others interact and recognize automatically.

When To Update Your Headshot

• Your appearance has changed since your last headshot. Perhaps you have a new hair color or style, have contacts or touch, or perhaps you start looking a little out of date with your final headshot. It might sound obvious, but you really need to look like your headshot so that people can interact with you and believe you. An old picture won’t show people you’re on top of your game.

• Your last headshot is one that you took yourself. Or maybe you recruited a friend to take for you. No matter how good your camera is, it will look homemade without the expertise of a professional photographer. Your headshot should convey your professionalism and trustworthiness to people. Let a professional photographer who has experience help you do that.

• You only have one headshot. You should have several different headshots that represent different aspects of your personality, interests, and career. Then you should use each headshot for a specific purpose and on different social media sites and pages of your website. Different backgrounds, different clothing (casual vs formal), different poses (sitting vs standing), and different expressions (serious vs. smiling) will give you a variety to choose from depending on what you want to convey and accomplish.

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