How to Look Your Best in Photos

best photoGetting your photo taken can quiet nerve racking, especially when you do not consider yourself photogenic. Many people are faced with this problem, but there are remedies to make you look your very best. Looking and feeling good in front of the camera is a skill that you can learn.

Embrace Your Uniqueness
Photogenic people seem confident no matter where they are or what they are wearing. But notice that word, confident. It is not because they are any more attractive than the rest of the world, it is because they are less self conscious about their appearance.

Many people lack the confidence because they find faults on their face such as the gap in your teeth, the crow’s-feet that appear when they smile, or their stubborn hair. Rather than trying to hide what you consider your faults, embrace what makes you unique.

Relax And Get Comfortable
Remember, it is just a photo, not a job interview. And you can take as many photos as needed until they are right. On photo shoots a professional photographer can take hundreds of photographs.

Try to forget the camera. It can be hard at first, but keep breathing. Make the event memorable and have fun rather than a chore or duty. Try out different poses and try having the main light on different sides or coming from different directions to see what works best for you.

Choose The Right Photographer
While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also in the eyes of the photographer. Choosing the right photographer will make a big difference in how confident you feel.

You want to ensure your photographer is open to your needs and tastes. Avoid photographers that have a one pose fits all approach. A good photographer will value your uniqueness and do their utmost to capture the best real you. They will make you feel comfortable, bring out your natural confidence and help you address any fears or hangups you have.

Be sure to communicate with your photographer the things you do not like about photographs of you. A good photographer will have a good knowledge base and some tricks up their sleeve to overcome some of your concerns.

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