Market Your Business With a Corporate Headshot

Businessman with arms crossedToday, advertising is not just about getting your name out there anymore. To make your business or career successful you have to stand out among the competition by putting your best face forward. From company websites to business oriented social media sites like LinkedIn, you are the most powerful marking tool on your page.

Show Your Personality
Whether you are a corporate executive or an entrepreneur, your headshot is part of your brand. As one of your essential marketing tools, your photograph gets you noticed and encourages people to engage with you. Your headshot photograph shows your personality and helps convey your approachability, friendliness and professionalism.

Bring along props if appropriate. For example, if you have an animal related business, having a dog in the headshot alongside of you makes sense and can be a useful marketing tool. However, if you would also like a headshot for social media, such as Facebook, as well as a professional one, a prop is a great way to reflect your personality.

Be photographed in your personal space. Being in your natural working environment, like sitting at your desk or in the board room helps break up the monotony of a boring corporate headshot. Being photographed in a setting where you are comfortable really shows through in your photos.

Choose A Natural Setting
If you want to stand out, opt for an outdoor or on location session. Work in the environment that best compliments you and your message. You will feel relaxed, confident and free to be you.

Whether you are a realtor, private instructor, writer, artist or personal chef, location sessions show you in your environment. Outdoor photo shoots are a fresh approach to creating a marketable headshot. By taking advantage of natural light and organic surroundings, you can achieve a unique backdrop.

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