The Benefits of a Professional Headshot for LinkedIn

headshotLinkedIn has emerged as one of the most valuable tools for transitioning professionals. Yet the value of a professional headshot for one’s account has been one of the most overlooked details of the professional profile. When promoting your professional self online, be sure to show a serious representation of who you are in your professional profiles in order to accurately represent your brand.

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be a reflection of your personal brand. Would you ever show up to a job interview not looking your best? Well, that kind of what happens when you have a boring LinkedIn profile picture. Keep in mind that your profile will often be the first impression you make with a recruiter, hiring manager, or potential networking prospect. It is your 24/7 online introduction to anyone who views your profile.

If you are going to be on LinkedIn, you might as well come correct and put your best brand forward. By adding a professional head shot to your profile, you will be able to present yourself in the best light possible so that you can gain the most from your LinkedIn membership.

So How Do You Want The World To See You?

• Warm, Smiling and Friendly
• Professional and Approachable
• Knowledgable and Capable
• Successful
• Trustworthy
• Creative and Unique

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