Why Your Company Needs Business Headshots

business-headshotSeeing a picture is a vital step in building an enduring relationship, whether a client or customer is considering a first time meeting, or maintaining a long-term relationship with you. People like to know who they are doing business with. Today, the internet allows anyone to research before they buy. A great headshot strategically placed on your website is a way to introduce yourself to a potential customer. It is the modern equivalent of a warm, friendly greeting extended as someone walks through your door. Conversely, poor headshots of you or your staff is a quick turn off. It shows lack of care about how you present your business to the world. This is your chance to make a great first impression.

Give Recognition
Every company gives recognition to their employees at one time or another. This is a perfect time to use headshots, put the photo of the employee of the month on the wall or send it out to the team via email. Put it in your corporate newsletter or send a beautifully framed print to the family with a letter recognizing their accomplishments. The uses of a great headshot are endless when recognizing employees.

Headshots Boost Conversion
Whether it is selling a product or selling yourself, a great headshot helps with conversion. Just as one works at creating relationships, one must continue to cultivate them. Continued exposure to someone’s headshot builds rapport over time. It is also helpful when you finally meet in person, you can approach them from across the room and make an introduction with confidence.

Take The Next Step
It is time to update those tired headshots to a new, sharp look. Whether you want a studio style or an environmental headshot, we have you covered! Contact Capitol Photo Headshots today to schedule your session at 203-255-4002.

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