Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

An integral part of your business is your website. It may have been state-of-the-art when it was built, but web technology changes so rapidly that your website might not be as current as you think. Is it time for a website upgrade or redesign? Here are some tips to help you decide if it is time to update your site.

Old Content
Your website needs to reflect any business changes. Users can always tell when your site is not current, and it will influence their impression of you and your company.

Does Not Work On Mobile Devices
Is your site usable on a small screen? Is the text readable? Do the forms work? There are several ways to update your site for mobile. The best method at the moment is responsive design. You do not want to lose out on mobile users! Make sure your site has the technical and practical updates to work effectively on mobile devices.

Needs Social Media Links
A great way to market your business is through social media accounts. If you already are using Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to connect with your customers, you are on the right track. Integrating all of your online content is good web marketing strategy. Make it easy for users to find your social media by linking to it on your main site.

Search Engines Are Not Finding It
Optimization of your website needs to be refreshed. Your website might have ranked well but does not anymore due to Google’s algorithm changes. SEO is a constantly ongoing and evolving process. Sometimes an existing site can be better optimized with a refresh or update, but sometimes it is best to create a fresh website design.

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