Tips for Hiring an Event Photographer

If you are in need of a photographer to capture your next corporate event, Bat Mitzvah or company retreat, then Capitol Photo Interactive can help. Hiring the right photographer for your event is extremely important. So how can you make sure you find the right photographer to share your day with? Below are a few helpful tips to help with the process.

This is the first step in narrowing down your options for a professional photographer. When planning your budget, keep in mind the length of your event. Is it a four-hour cocktail party or a five-day conference?

Previous Work
It goes without saying to do some research into the photographer which you will be hiring, you need to see if they are any good or not. Something which does need to be said however is to look at the style in which they photograph, photographs leave behind a distinct fingerprint of the person who took them. Look at what they prioritize in a photo, rather than just if they can take a good photo. This is important as this is what people will be seeing in the final photographs of your event.

Manage your own expectations and then communicate them to your photographer. If this is not done then you cannot expect the photographer to know what you want them to do. Tell the photographer what and who you want photographed. This is important as this way you will be presented with gorgeous photographs of your event, which you will be proud to share in press releases.

Ask Questions
There are several questions you should ask any photographer you are considering. Here are a few of the most important questions you should ask:
• What is your level of experience?
• Do you have any professional certifications?
• Are you properly insured?
• What is your general photography style?
• What services are included in your package?
• What Kind of equipment do you use?
• Will there be a contract?

Contact Us
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