Maximize Your Company Website Conversion

When working with a corporate photographer, you want to make sure they capture the right images for your website. With the right design and images, you can create an eye-catching site that not only draws your viewers in but will also convert these viewers into loyal customers. At Capitol Photo Interactive, we consider how images will enhance the overall look of your website.

How Does Corporate Photography Benefit Your Website?
The images on your company website have a bigger role than just showing your products. When you work with the right corporate photographer your business can really stand out in the sea of your competitors. When choosing the right photographer, you can appeal to your target audience in a way none of your competitors can do. Just how can the images on your website have such an impact on your conversion rates?

• Helps tell your story
• Strengthens your brand
• Allows your viewers to see themselves using your products
• Keeps your viewers interested and engaged

Image Essential For Your Website
You can maximize your conversion rates on your website with images that are unique and true to your brand. Knowing where and what type of images to display on your website will help you boost your rates.

The Attention Shot
When done correctly, it captures the viewer’s attention and appeals to them in a thought provoking or emotional way. These images are found on the “About us”, “What We Do” pages as well as the banner on your homepage and the image on your landing pages.

Your Company
Showing who is a part of your company, regardless of your industry, is essential to your viewers. When people are choosing your company or product they are doing so more than just for the fancy features you offer. They are looking at the people they may have to interact with and making a quick judgment if these are individuals they can trust. At Capitol Photo Interactive, we will make it easier for your target audience to see themselves building a relationship with your people and company.

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