Real Estate Shoot: Tips to Prepare Your Home

Having professional photos taken of your home is an extremely important step in the sales and rental process. Having photos on hand for online marketplace listings, social marketing, and print ads increases the perceived value of a property and can even accelerate interest.

With the tremendous growth in the number of sales and rental marketplaces people are turning to DIY methods of handling the process instead of working with a traditional Realtor.

Below we have listed a few tips on how to best prepare your property to be photographed. These tips will save you a lot of time and aggravation while making the entire process enjoyable for all.

Make A List Of Specific Photos To Be Photographed
You are going to need a photo of all bedrooms, bathrooms, common living spaces, along with unique and special features of your property. Writing this list helps our team gauge the flow of the shoot and will help your listing stand out.

Make Sure Your Property Is Clean
Photographers shoot in HD, so if there is dirt, dust, or trash on the floors and counters, you are going to see it. Give yourself a day to make sure the inside and outside of the property is clean and ready to be showcased.

Designate An On Site Contact Person
In order to speed up the photography process and ensure a solid result, having someone who can take a few minutes to go over the rooms and property with the photographer is extremely helpful.

We will find the best time to shoot your property. Capturing your property with natural lighting makes everything look awesome. Golden hour is typically the best time because it is more cinematic and softer.

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