Great Poses to Consider for Your Next Headshot Session

The most difficult part of headshot photography is probably the pose. Clients can have great attire and have a great face but it does not mean anything if the pose is not right. Your pose is your paralanguage spoken through a photo, it can completely make or break your personality. Below are a list of common headshot poses.

The Leaning Pose
Clients who are too shy to pose for the camera often find it hard to stand straight without getting too stiff. Leaning to one side can help them relax. Leaning against a wall or railing makes the pose seem much more natural. It works great for outdoor shoots.

Sitting Pose
A sitting pose is another great pose for an outdoor session to help clients relax better. Clients tend to have more control over their body and facial expressions when they are sitting. Sitting on a chair or a stairwell with hands perfectly placed on the knees, can make you seem content and confident in your photos.

Arms Crossed
When leaning is not desirable or possible, crossing your arms can be the next best thing. It actually works great when you want your photos to reflect your seriousness and professionalism. When your arms are crossed, this pose adds a sense of authority to your personality, and also helps you loosen up the stiff muscles without looking too laid back and relaxed.

Schedule Your Headshot Session
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