Why You Need More Than One Look for Your Headshot

We are happy to share the most common reasons why it is important to have more than one look for your headshot. The reasons listed below can be applied to different industries.

The Company Headshot
The most common reason people need to get a headshot is for their company directory. It is important to be represented in the best possible light. Getting a new modern photograph or headshot of yourself is the way to go. When looking for a professional headshot photographer, make sure their work stands out. You do not want to have another boring photograph that does not represent you properly and does not stand out among the others in your field. Standing out in a directory or website is key.

Email Signature Or Skype Profile
Adding your professional image in the email signature or your company’s messenger, for example Skype, is critical. Your headshot is a great way to put a face to your message since business communication is often done without seeing the person in real life. Your business communication either through email or messenger is used to communicate both internally within your company and your clients. Nonverbal communication is an extremely powerful tool and being ahead of the game will make a difference in your professional and business world.

Professional Social Media Outlets
Whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, it is important to have a professional headshot that is up to date and that stands out. The photograph used for your LinkedIn should be different than the one used for your company directory. LinkedIn profile photos tend to be more relaxed than the ones used in your company directory.

Contact Us
When looking for a professional headshot photographer, make sure that their photographs stand out from the crowd. That way you will be sure to have at least three different looks for your headshot. Want your photos to stand out? Contact Capitol Photo Interactive to book your professional headshot session. Call us today at 203-255-4002.

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