Creating Your Authentic Personal Brand

If you have a business, then you will know how imperative visual content is. Photography happens to be one of the most powerful brand assets you can invest in your business. Whether you do business on or offline, the visual identity you create for your business will set the mood and tone for the experience your clients will have for your business.

Know Your Brand Personality
Your brand personality is the way in which you convey who you are and what you do in your business. Your business brand will also have a personality or a way you want to be perceived by others. Depending on your business and what you do, you need to think about what type of brand personality is going to position you in the best way to connect with your ideal client.

Get Clear On What Good Looks Like
Now that you know what your brand personality is, it is time to get really clear on what that means to you, how you envision it looking and what look and feel you want for the overall shoot.

Pick The Right Photographer
Choosing the right photographer is the key to a successful shoot and as with everything, there are different levels of quality with every photographer. Get recommendations, look at websites of photographers, portfolios and testimonials, and most importantly get prices. When you find the right photographer be very clear on what you want and if this photographer is going to give it to you. Make sure you vibe and fell comfortable with them. Every photographer is different and had unique a unique style about what they do so make sure it aligns with yours.

Contact Us Today
Your brand is the foundation of your marketing. At Capitol Photo Interactive, everything we create, from your business cards to your website, is a part of your brand. We incorporate quality and creativity into all your collateral materials. For more information or to schedule your branding session call us today at 203-255-4002.

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