Proper Attire to Attract the Right Client

You have just made the decision to get new headshots to appear fresh and attract desirable to new clients. We all know that what you wear will have your potential client ultimately and subconsciously decide to choose you for your services. They may not consciously make this decision, but if they view your image and see you dressed in frumpy clothes and wearing gaudy jewelry, they may choose someone else to do business with. Below are a few helpful tips on what you can wear or how you can appear in your headshots to attract the right client.

Dress For Your Occupation
If you are a lawyer, you do not want to be photographed in beach attire or jeans and a tee-shirt. It is important to know your occupation so you can dress for it. Male lawyers should wear well-tailored suits or even a simple dress shirt with a tie. Woman lawyers should avoid prints and go with something striking and bold, allowing them to look dominant and fierce.

Compliment Your Eyes
Wearing purple, whether it be make-up or in your outfit are suited for people with brown eyes. Wearing blue, turquiose, or teal related colors can make blue eyes pop even more.

Compliment Your Skin Tone
Take into account your skin tone and the colors your choose. Blues and greens compliment darker skin tones, and corals or peach look great on olive skin tones. If you have lighter or a more pale skin tone, darker colors such as a grey color look best with the exception of black. When wearing black, you always want to pair it with a pop of color like red or emerald green.

Dress From The Shoulders Up
When dressing for your interactive session, keep in mind that it is not a full body photoshoot. Your elbows and above should be the most kept and should be in pristine condition for the day of. Do not choose clothing choices that have the only pops of color beneath these areas, as they will not be seen.

Always Wear A Smile
To seem friendly, welcoming, and warm, wearing a smile is always key and has been scientifically proven. When you have a genuine, honest smile in photos, people are more attracted to your photo when choosing someone to work with.

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