Successful Corporate Headshot Session

So you have finally made the right decision, and hired a professional photographer to complete your corporate headshots. The hardest part is over, but there still are a few things to do before your session arrives.

Hair And Makeup

On the day of your corporate headshot session is not when you want to get experimental with your look. You are spending money to produce quality headshots for professional purposes, so look like you do every other day of the week. The last thing you want to do is be unrecognizable to your clients and customers. Do not get your haircut before your photoshoot, hire a stylist instead. We suggest keeping the eye shadow and blush on the light side and selecting the correct shade foundation. Even men can apply a light powder to reduce the shine on your skin.


We all have a side that we think is best or particularly flattering. At Capitol Photo Interactive, we will capture plenty of different looks and angles. You should know exactly what it is you want to express through your photographs and explain it to us clearly so that we can direct you to achieve the best results.


A change of clothes is necessary as with any photoshoot. You might think you look great in a certain color, or a certain outfit. Pictures tell a different story, so arrive to your session with options so if we suggest something is not photographing well you have something to change into. Solid colors are always best because they photograph well. Wear a suit if you work in the corporate world. If you work in a more relaxed industry, then wear something that is smart, like a collared shirt. You want to feel and look professional, because that is what you want your potential customers to see you as.

Get Plenty Of Rest

You want to go into this process having had a great night’s sleep, ready for whatever life throws you. To avoid giant bags under your eyes or tired eyes, get a good night’s rest. The eyes are the window to the soul, after all.

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