Start Building Your Brand with These Simple Tips

So you have things in motion with your business plan. Now, it is time to start building your brand. Whether you are looking to build your personal brand or that of a business, there are some things that stay the same. You want to connect and make sure that people know your brand. Below are a few tips to get you started.


Make Yourself Visible

The last thing you want to do is hide behind your computer screen and hope working away will build the brand all on its own. Putting in that type of work is important, but making yourself visible is equally as important. You cannot spread the word if no one knows your name. Your brand will be stronger if you are more visible.

Some Things You Can Do Include:

  • Going to industry conferences to network and socialize
  • Set up a webinar where you answer people’s questions about your core topic, live and in-person
  • Make your social media pages public and accept incoming messages
  • Interact with your followers on social media


Know Your Industry

Being an expert in your industry is key. You want people to trust what you have to say, and think of you as an industry leader. When you reach that point, it raises your personal brand even higher. The goal is to become the source of breaking news and expertise, whether for media or your followers. A few things to keep your eyes on include:

  • Trends – Keep up with trends so you can tell your followers
  • Breaking News – Always stay on top of what is going on
  • Your Competition – Be aware of new developments from your competition


Develop Your Contact List

Keep track of every contact you make. As your brand grows, your contact list will too, and making connections within that list will benefit everyone involved. Even just sending along an email to introduce someone to an idea, without expecting anything in return, can help your relationships grow further.


Some Items To Keep Listed: 

  • Who the person is
  • How you connected
  • Where you connected, potential opportunities
  • How you can help them


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