Tips For Stunning Images on Random Portrait Photography

How do you do it when you pull out your camera to take portraits, so you’ll have them with a wow factor? Do you stick to the guidelines for portrait photography that are generally recognized as standard? Don’t you find your portraits monotonous and boring? If so, why not break some rules, and while snapping those moments away, think out of the box?

Capturing moments without following the rules, for all you know, can come out with photographs that are not only stunning but also striking? Want to have a try? Then, for the time being, get those rules out and check the following helpful tips to get those portrait pictures you’ve wanted for a long time.

Altering your Perspective

Traditional rules suggest that when the latter looks at the lens to express communication, you take pictures pointing your camera at your subject’s eye level. But now, if you can adjust the viewpoint and attempt to incorporate some randomness by getting high up the ground then shooting down or going near the ground then shooting up, you can achieve better images. Either way, it will build an angle that your subject will be interested in.

Playing with Eye Contact

A couple of random ways to play with eye contact are available for you. Either you make the subject look off the camera or look within the portrait’s frame.

The first will produce a sense of candidacy as well as curiosity and intrigue as individuals wonder where the topic is looking. It is especially true when there is a sort of emotion in their eyes shown by the subject, whether laughing, sad, shocked, or amused. And when they are off the lens, be sure to catch them through the eyes of the subject.

If the subject looks within the picture, say at an object, it may construct a story where a connection is formed between the subject and the object, attracting attention from the viewer.

Playing with Lighting

A smart way to play up with your portrait photography is to use lights for randomness. In fact, when you know how to play with the light against your subject, infinite possibilities can be produced. Some of the techniques to create drama or cover some features of the subject are silhouetting, backlighting, and side-lighting.

Moving the Subject Out of Comfort Zone

When taking photographs of your subject, thinking out of the box means taking them out of their comfort zone. It implies that when you take shots at them, you have to make your subject behave randomly. From “silly” shots, you can produce unique and exciting and not uncomfortable, boring, or stiff portraits.

Using Props

serve as points of interest. Just remember to not take away the spotlight from your primary subject. 

Shooting Candidly 

Candid shots are, of course, different from, posed shots. The former can add a refreshing touch to the portrait while posed shots can sometimes be stiff and plain. Photograph your subjects while they were busy doing things. Shoot continuously or set your camera to a burst so that it continues to click, capturing different angles of the subject, which you can, later on, choose your best work from.  

There are many different techniques that you can use to produce stunning shots. While it is good to follow rules if you are afraid of making mistakes, but “out of the box” thinking can be so much fun and useful for portrait photography. 

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