Tips on Getting a Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

linkedin-headshotYour LinkedIn page is often your first impression on potential employers or companies you want to do business with. No matter what your industry or whether you are freelance, employed or looking for work, a professional headshot on your LinkedIn page will increase your chance of success. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you are not on it, you are missing out. And if you do not have a good profile photo, you are still missing out.

Why Your Headshot Needs An Update
If you do not have a good headshot, then you are not leaving a good first impression with potential clients, business partners, employers, employees, etc. These people need to know that you are three things, friendly, trustworthy, and professional. What better way to demonstrate that then through an amazing profile photo? It does not matter what you write in your profile, no one is going to take you seriously if your photo is amateur. So what makes a good headshot?

The background of your headshot photo matters. Colored and patterned backgrounds can be distracting. Go for a clean and simple white or grey.

The lighting is probably the most important while also the trickiest aspect to a headshot. Lighting can change a person’s look and feel with the slightest move of an angle. There are many different studio lighting techniques to create amazing definition.

It is important to present yourself as a professional in your industry. Think about the industry you work in. Are you an artist or blogger? You would probably stand out more with something business casual, you can get a little more creative with colors and accessories. If you are in the corporate field, you would be better off photographed in a suit.

A good headshot can be used across any platform, not only LinkedIn, but also on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, Youtube, etc. Are you ready to give your headshot a makeover and leave a better first impression? Contact Capitol Photo Headshots today at 203-255-4002.

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