Casual Corporate Headshot: How to Look More Approachable

Casual headshots are an informal way of introducing yourself within all of your marketing efforts. Casual headshots are more lifestyle oriented that your average corporate headshot and portray a much trendy, hipper, youthful vibe. This type of headshot provides a way to give a personal touch of your branding so that it better reflects the tone you want to set and your individual personality.

Headshots are part of our media driven business world and getting an excellent shot is as important as having the right experience and education. So try and shake things up and show that you are up to speed in this fast paced moving world, read these tips below that will give you just the right edge that clients are looking for.

• Find clothes that are solid in colors and that are always in style so that they reflect a hip yet efficient you. They need to reflect the business you are in and of course your personality.

• Bringing the right attitude to your photo shoot is a must. You need to be relaxed so you do not look unnatural and stiff.

• Do not use social photos that you think you can crop. The background is essential and parties, clubs, smoking, drinking, and public bathrooms are not the adequate way to show you are professional and creditable.

• Display open body language to look more approachable. Do not cross your arms, and remember to look relaxed.

• Never use a pet photo, a logo, or life quote instead of your photo, a professional headshot adds a level of legitimacy to your profile and your credibility.

At Capitol Photo Interactive, we will be able to achieve what you want and help you get it. Unprofessional shots will take away from your creditability. Your photo is the first impression you give a prospective employer or client. Having a professional headshot guarantees that you get the best results and thus puts your best foot forward. To schedule your headshot session, contact us today at 203-255-4002.

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