What Your Headshots Should Say To Your Clients?

business presentationEvery occupation needs a headshot photo and if you do not already have one, it may be time to consider meeting with a professional. A headshot captured by a professional photographer is the best way to make sure people know exactly who you are. People want to be able to recognize you at your first meeting and your headshot will help them to identify the right person they are looking for. With potential clients, your headshot is your virtual handshake. The photo will also come in handy for many needs such as your website, public relations, advertising, and more.

What Your Headshots Should Say To Potential Clients
You want your headshots to tell your clients that you’re a professional. That you take yourself and what you represent seriously. You also want your headshots to state that you’re approachable. Portraits can be an intimate look at a person, which means that your headshot can make you seem accessible and transparent. This establishes some immediate trust with your potential clients. Also what you wear and how you pose and your personality that comes out in your headshot are important, this gives you a chance to shape the expectations from potential clients.

Remember your headshot is just like a logo for an organization. It is who you are and what you are about. Your image should get across your values, for example, creative, professional, caring, confident, etc. image is a marketing tool to access opportunity and it is important to make the best first impression. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. A professional and engaging headshot is more than just a photo, it is the perfect way to make the best first impression.

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