Where and How to Use Your Professional Headshot

professional headshotWe have all heard the old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it remains true. But what has changed is where these first impressions are made. A professional headshot (executive headshot, business headshot, business portrait, etc) is the easiest and quickest way to make a great first impression with your audience. Your target market tends to buy from people or businesses they identify with. Nowadays, it is easy to build familiarity and rapport in the minds of your consumers before you ever meet them.

Google and other search engines have become the tools of choice for potential customers and prospective employers. An up to date and flattering, perhaps even creative, headshot is essential to putting your best face forward and creating a positive and confidence building first impression. You have probably noticed that Google posts people’s photos alongside their search rankings. One study concludes that an image in your search results increases click throughs by 150 percent. Thus the advantages to one’s personal branding by having a professional headshot attached to each of one’s social media pages are obvious. So once you have a professional headshot that you love, make sure you utilize it in all of your marketing channels.

In addition to having your business headshot on your website, other uses for the executive headshot include:

• On your business card
• Attached to your resume
• Book covers / CD covers
• Speaking engagements
• Print magazines/online magazines
• Advertisements
• Press releases
• On your “about us” page
• On your blog
• Annual reports
• Trade show banners
• Email signature
• Social Media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc)
• Billboards

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