Great Photography On Your Website

website responsive concept on devicesIf your business’s website does not visually command attention and give visitors a reason to stay, they will leave before your written content has a chance to make an impression. As technology advances, professional quality photography is becoming more and more crucial for all types of websites. Photography is your chance to portray what your business does, who you serve and most importantly, your identity as a company.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when considering photography options for your website:

No Quality In Stock
Stock photography is abundant, decent in quality and relatively inexpensive compared to hiring a photographer. And it is usually pretty easy to find a stock photo that portrays what you are looking for. But stock photos are cold, generic, overused and pretty easy to recognize in today’s online environment. Using real photographs of your employees, products, services or location will go a long way in establishing credibility, especially if your competitors are just using stock photos.

Size Matters
As logos steadily move towards smaller, simpler designs, photography is moving toward a larger, more vibrant direction. The use of professional, high-resolution photos is becoming more imperative every day as this trend continues. This is especially evident in regards to website design.

Guide Your Visitors
Photography is a great way to guide your visitors through your website. First of all, you need to know what your audience is looking for. From there you can design your navigation settings to make it as simple as possible. Furthermore, you can use eye-catching photography to guide their eyes and bring them deeper into the site.

Embody Your Brand
Photography for a business’s website should tell a story and capture the essence of the brand. The photos that you use should portray what your business does, and what core values you represent. By taking a quick look at your website, a visitor should get a good feel for who you are. Having a visually refined website that evokes positive feelings from users will go a long way in generating leads and business.

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